Here is a word from the Lord to build up, encourage, and comfort you. 

I want to make you into an arrow that will hit its mark 100 percent of the time. I am the archer and you are my arrow. Let me sharpen your tip and make you straight.

For the plans I have for you are bigger than your own. The places I want to send you to are beyond your imagination. Before I can shoot you into the dark to hit the enemy's camp though, you need to come to me and receive all that you can.

If you have been feeling a lot of pressure and change has been staring you in the face everywhere you go and with everything you do, then rejoiced for I am making you into my arrow. I am not just making you into any arrow though. 

I am forming you to become my sharpest one yet. So just trust in me and let me do what only I can do, says the Lord.

Remember this: There is nothing that you will face today that the Lord can't bring you through. I'm praying that the peace of God will flood your soul, and send any fears holding you back running, so that the vision the Lord has given you will come to pass.

Thank God for what you have, always trust God for what you need.