Jesus Christ used His memorized scriptures to resist temptation and avoid sinning. Having scriptures in your heart and in your head will change your life forever.So don't let your age or poor memory prevent you from being closer to God by memorizing His words. There's really no substitute to having God's word in your mind 

No doubt, memorizing scriptures is a key to having a healthy relationship with God and with other people.

Imagine this…

  • You’re equipped when preaching and teaching God’s word in school, church, or in your Bible study groups and you’ll create a bigger impact on your listeners.

  • You’re be able to defend your faith when someone questions your faith in Christ simply by quoting powerful verses in the Bible.

  • You can easily resist any temptation.

  • You get rid of your sinful habits or any impure thoughts PERMANENTLY.

  • You start to hear His voice more clearly and know His perfect will for you.

  • You now have a consistent daily prayer and Bible reading.
Above all, you’ll be closer to God more than ever before. 
In fact, the Bible says in James 1:25 that it’s one of four habits that leads to a blessed life. 
  • Read your Bible. “Whoever looks intently …”
  • Review the Bible. “… continues in it …”
  • Remember the Bible. “… not forgetting what they have heard …”
  • Respond to the Bible. “ … but doing it …”
“Whoever looks intently into the perfect law … and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do.” (James 1:25 NIV)

If you’re serious about being spiritually strong and mature, the greatest habit you can develop is memorizing Scripture.

  • You’ll always have God’s Word with you. When you need the Bible, it’s never around. When you’re tempted, you don’t have a Bible open or by your side. When you’re witnessing to someone who doesn’t know Jesus, is under stress, needs comfort, or is in a crisis, there’s usually not a Bible around. You need God’s Word in your mind so you can remember it and review it right when you need it.
  • You can meditate on Scripture wherever you go. You can’t review God’s Word unless you remember it. If you’ve memorized Scripture, you can think about it when you get into bed at night or as you drive to an appointment. You can think about the Bible because you’ve memorized it. That’s called meditation. The only promise of prosperity and success that God gives us in the Bible (Joshua 1:8) says that meditating on his Word is the key.

Start memorizing Scripture today. Pick a verse a week. In a year, you’ll have memorized 52 verses. You may not think you have a good memory, but you remember what’s important to you.  You remember the phone numbers and dates that you care about. I’ve heard people say they can’t memorize anything, but they can quote songs from the 1980s and rattle off the statistics of their favorite baseball players.

Memory is a skill you can learn. It’s a muscle you can strengthen. In fact, memorizing Scripture will cause your brain to have a stronger memory in other areas. 

Talk About It

  • You already know the ways you learn and memorize best. What tools, tactics, or people can help you memorize Scripture?
  • How do you respond when God brings Scripture to mind in certain situations?