Before we enter into another worship service READ THIS TWICE , three times if needed (IMPORTANT)!!! All must be cleansed by repentance through the forgiveness of sin , POURING ON THEMSELVES THE BLOOD OF CHRIST JESUS before THEY SERVE praise and worship. By this obedience the GLORY CLOUD of GOD will enter EVERY SERVICE GUARANTEED. No longer will OUR HOLY GOD suffer our form of godliness after this wisdom given, knowledge received and council understood. Let us put far from us the foolishness of the flesh and our imposing carnality on HIM as true worship, Power follows true worship. Fasting, sanctifying prayer life and consecrated living is required of us now for all servings. You and I have been chosen and anointed to set Gods' stage in HOLINESS. NO ONE IS TO SING, PRAY OR ENTER INTO ANY KIND OF SERVICE TO GOD WITHOUT A MOMENT TO REPENT, PRAISE AND WORSHIP. THIS IS SERIOUS! KNOW THEM THAT LABOR AMONG US BY UNIFYING ALL IN PURE FAITH LEST OUR SLACKNESS BECOMES THE HINDRANCE TO GODS PRESENCE ENTERING . FOR NOW ON YOU AS OUR HOLY FATHERS' PRIEST MUST SANCTIFY ALL WHO ARE OFFERING THEIR GIFTS, even yourselves, for unacceptable unrighteousness has hindered our services long enough. May the heightened awareness of Gods power flow through you in the abundance in YAHWEH THE COVENANT KEEPING GOD OF ISRAEL AND  CHRIST JESUS OUR REDEEMER AND INTERCESSOR