The Invisible Army on Your Side
“Then Elisha prayed, ‘O LORD, open his eyes and let him see!’ The LORD opened the young man’s eyes, and when he looked up, he saw that the hillside around Elisha was filled with horses and chariots of fire.” (2 Kings 6:17 NLT)
We all feel under attack from time to time. In fact, you may feel under attack right now. Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe you’ve lost your job, your income, or your retirement. Or maybe you’re feeling under attack from your friends or family — or even your own mind.

You think you’re all alone in this attack, and you can’t even fathom how God is going to help.

Yet you’re not alone, and God can help. You simply need him to show you all that is at your disposal for your protection.

That’s what happened in 2 Kings 6. The nation of Aram was always at war with Israel. Yet every time they would attack Israel, God would tell Elisha, a prophet of God in Israel, what the king of Aram’s war plans were. So Israel would win over and over again. When Aram’s king learned that Elisha was the one who was giving away his plans, he sent an army to get him. Elisha’s servant woke up and went outside one morning to see that he and Elisha were surrounded by enemy troops.

Scared, he ran back in and asked Elisha, “What are we going to do?” Then Elisha said something that must have seemed very odd to his servant: “Don’t worry. The people on our side far outnumber those against us.” I’m sure that statement must have really surprised Elisha’s servant. As far as he knew, only two people (Elisha and himself) were on their side!

So Elisha prayed, “O Lord, open his eyes and let him see!” (2 Kings 2:17 NLT). And so God did. Suddenly, Elisha’s servant saw an army of angels on the hills outside ready to protect them from the army of Aram.

The servant wasn’t scared anymore, and God gave Elisha just the right tactics to defeat the enemy Aram (without ever firing a shot at them, by the way). 

Just like Elisha and his servant, you have things attacking you right now. You’re tempted to panic. The truth is, you have a whole lot more that’s for you than against you. But when you’re in the midst of being attacked, you just can’t see it.

God needs to open your eyes to all that is on your side. Like Elisha, you just need to ask him for help.

Even though you can’t see them, God has released his forces to protect you. Will you ask him to open your eyes to them?

Talk About It

What is it that you feel attacked by today? Have you asked God to give you the courage to face it?
Have you ever been amazed at how something that seemed impossible “just worked out” or how you managed to overcome the obstacles? Did you acknowledge God’s unseen forces working on your behalf?
How do you think God wants you to react in difficult situations?