Dear Dr. Clarke,
Thank you for that word last night. God was working through you. I know the straight wives needed to be addressed directly, but I was thinking that even though we cannot change their husband's sexual orientation, we can probably help them to change their hearts. Because if their hearts change, their wives won't suffer so much.  

Thank you for the words you spoke. It felt really good. I wish more pastors could speak as boldly as you do, without condemning anyone, and making them feel more isolated. Because that helps fuel the madness in their homes and make them treat their wives with coldness and lack of feeling and concern. Because they feel that no one understands or cares about them. So they withdraw into themselves and continue hurting the people who love them. 

Thanks for those words. I know that at least one straight spouse was treated better last night, because her gay husband received them. Even those wives who do no yet know why their lives are so unhappy and dysfunctional, even though they try so hard to keep a loving family and home. We can only do so much, but sometimes it's just enough to help make a difference in some lives. So even though it's only a little, we continue to do it, in the hope that more and more lives will be touched, one at a time. 

Thank you Dr. Clarke. YRIMI is blessed to have you. May God continue to bless your ministry and the members of the congregation. May you have exponential growth in every area of the ministry. The community is blessed to have you, a voice of reason in a distressed world at a difficult time such as this. Thank you for your willingness to do whats necessary in these unusual times. South Florida Connects thanks you, and looks forward to a working collaboration with you and your ministry, in helping our community with God's guidance, always.
CEO / Founder
South Florida Connects (SFC)
Straight Spouse Hotline: 954-983-9751