be strong in the lord

These are the days when we are constantly being bombarded by the evil one. You might get a breather here and there, but mostly we are under constant onslaught of the enemy. He knows his time is short and that he lost the war, but he is still fighting like he thinks he can still win over every heart that the Lord gave His life to have. We must not back down, but press in even harder. We must press in to win the land. 

To win every soul for the Kingdom we must die out to everything that is precious to us and wholeheartedly devote our life to the King of kings and Lord of lords. He must be Captain, and we must stay under His command. He is separating the men from the boys, the chosen from the called, the elite from the multitudes who only talk the talk but they don't walk the walk.

There are counterfeits in the land. You can tell them by their fruit. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. So beware. Use your discernment who you rub shoulders with, because the enemy has planted tares to try to choke out the wheat. There are those who are set in the camp to deprive you of the peace of God. They are out to rob your faith, to hold you back, to steal, kill and destroy all that God has built up in you. So beware. 

Put on your garment of light.. Pray for discernment. Dig into My word to brush up on the basics of how to walk in true faith. Be ready for God is raising up an army that will march across the land. They will carry My sword, and they will have healing in their hands. Everlasting love will flow through their heart. In this army we all have a part.

If you hear this word, hide it in your heart. This is the time and the hour to really war for what is yours. The violent take the Kingdom by force. Many will die in the process, but never fear for the absence of the body brings on the presence of the Lord. So we have nothing to lose. Overcome by your testimony, the blood of the Lamb, loving not your life unto death.. Persevere as a faithful warrior, and truly you will receive a crown of light. May His glory be all about you blinding the enemy. Fear not for I am with you till the end of all times. Persevere!

Isaiah 59:19 When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard against him.

Remember this: There is nothing that you will face today that the Lord can't bring you through.

Thank God for what you have, Trust God for what you need