Lost In The Wilderness

Luke 4:1  And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan, and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness 
My child, you know I have placed a calling on your life, and have heard the promises I have given you both directly and the through prophesies proclaimed over you. But as you have attempted to move in the calling and stood upon these promises, everything has seemed to go wrong. You have had what you have perceived to be a number of 'false starts' that were promising events but have seemed to apparently lead nowhere. 

You are becoming discouraged, feeling alone and unnoticed. You have began to doubt the promises I gave you, and have become despondent and feel that it is time to give up. All around you seems to be an increasingly empty desert, with no sign of My promises coming to pass. A voice says to you that you should be realistic and start living in the 'real world' and give up your calling that seems fruitless.

But now, My child, I would say to you that it was I who put the calling on your life, I who gave you those promises that you have held dear. I would remind you that I AM not a man that I should lie, and that I change not. You wonder then why nothing has seemed to happen, as you have attempted to moved out in faith, with things seeming to wrong and opportunities drying up the more you have attempted stand on My promises. 

But what you forget is that I have confirmed My call on your life at key moments as you have walked before Me. As for reason of the barrenness that seems to surround you, know that I have brought you into this place.

Yes, My child, many of My greatest servants had to go into the wilderness, into a place where there seemed no recognition of them and the calling I had given; where the chances of the promises that I had given them being fulfilled seemed impossible. It was so with Joseph, Moses, John the Baptist; even My Son first had to face the wilderness and ultimately the cross before He was raised up. The reason for those called then remains the same now for you; the wilderness was needed to develop humility and dependence on Me, to test and expose character failings so that I could deal with them. 

So My dear child, do not despise the wilderness into which I have led you, but rejoice, and see it as the opportunity that it is. Use this time to deepen your communion and intimacy with Me, and work with Me as I prepare you and your character to be able to handle the calling and promise to which I will bring you. 

You will see Me bring a breakthrough in you life that you now would find difficult to believe, and you will know I have brought it to pass. But remember to trust in My timing and My ways, as I will cause it to happen at just the right time, neither to early or late for you. At times in the past you have acted as Abraham did with Hagar, attempting to cause My promise to happen, instead of trusting in Me to bring it to pass as I said it would. 
As with Hagar and Ishmael and problems that caused within both Abraham and Sarah's lives, your attempts have also led to difficulties in your life. Now I ask you to trust Me to bring your calling to pass just as I promised, leaning on My wisdom and not your own.

Finally, My child, know that I love you, that I have called you into the wilderness and have been dealing with you in order to make you ready to raise up you up and bring the great promises I have put on your life to pass. My child, I long for you to work with Me in this so I can raise you up, and see you rejoicing in the calling I have placed on you. I long to display you as a trophy to My divine grace and power, as it will become evident to all that it was My hand that raised you up and brought the promises to pass, and not the will of man.

So have patience, My child, and trust in Me and not your own understanding.
Matthew 4:1  Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. 

Remember this, There is nothing you will face today that the Lord can't see you through.