Just For Me

Rev. Dr. Carreen Clarke - revealed the fact that no one took the life of Jesus Christ - The question was asked who killed Jesus and the response was that no one killed Him - Dr. Clarke expound on the Fact that Jesus  gave up His life, His home in Glory and came to the pit of hell Just for Me; Jesus came and Did it JUST FOR ME and YOU The Scripture reading was taken from I John 1: verses 1-the end.

Rev. Dr. Carreen Clarke  revealed to the congregation that Jesus thought it not robbery to buy us back unto Himself after the careful discussion of the Triune Being - {representing Gold the Father; God the Son {Jesus} God the Holy Spirit).

He (Jesus) who knew no sin became sin and allowed Himself to be hung high and stretch wide and gave up the Ghost {His breath of Life}  JUST FOR ME -He shed His Blood JUST FOR ME - what LOVE - JUST FOR ME.

Dr. Clarke reminded us that one we acknowledge and confess that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior we were welcome to partake in the Lords Supper (communion) before we all partake she beseech us to declare our belief  In Jesus Christ and to ask or forgiveness of all us sins known and unknown and encourage us as the scriptures states that we as believers (CHRISTIANS) must understand that as often as we partake in Communion we do it in remembrance of what Jesus did on Calvary " It is once more yet once less until the master comes".

In closing Rev. Dr. Carreen Clarke invited those present to take on a new attitude and respect the fact that Jesus love us equally and that even though HE was CRUCIFIED HE ALLOWED IT JUST FOR ME (each individual is to place their name....

JUST FOR Carreen .....etc The Scripture Said it - Jesus Himself said it and I believe it that within three days --- hear the rest on Resurrection Sunday.