Easter Sunday at 5215 Pembroke Road, Jesus is Alive

St. John 20: "The Empty Tomb"

Service began as usual on fire with the out pouring of the Holy Spirit -  but when the Youth  Choir sang  We Wanna be lifted High, and Banner that flies across the sky; the narration of His Life and Crucifixion done by Pastor Janet Peynado, Sister Brittney Jordan and Minister Alexie Jones; the rendition of the Alabaster Box by Sis Carissa Paul and Why Do You Cry by Sister, Carissa Paul, Sister Tiffany Hardy and Sister Shakalya with Dave Clarke Jr. as Jesus -the congregation was in tears.

Dr. Clarke gave recognition to all the departments that assisted in making that that Jesus is Alive ( Minister Denielle Green , Minister Charmaine Turner, Sister Nikki-Ann Clarke, Sister Tanisha Hardy - Youth Department) Pastor Peynado the Choir.

The sermon was likewise fitting -  HE IS ALIVE.  Songs like God is not dead but He is alive, He is alive alive alive for evermore, My Jesus is alive, Because He Lives I can face tomorrow, became a reality.

Dr. Clarke states that the dead don't walk' don't talk, etc. BUT JESUS said in Romans 9v26 “they shall be called sons of the Living God" - Romans 8:27 "He is making intercession for the saints (you and I) according to the will of God; Acts 1:3.

She stated that the world Look on the death of Jesus as folly according to I Corinthians 1:18-25 but that we as Christian must accept is as fulfillment of the Old Testament - "the Old Testament is a fore runner to the New Testament and the New Testament is a Revelation of the Old".
In closing Dr. Clarke shook her head and sang- I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene and I wonder how He could love me a sinner condemned unclean - How O marvelous How wonderful and my song shall ever be,...... His my Saviors’ Love for me.