I am sending you a breakthrough. So rise up in renewed hope and joy and consider not the former things for I am doing a new thing. For I will give you double honour for your shame, for you shall experience My redemption power in ways you never thought possible. Move forward with the assurance that I am with you to guide your steps and to make the crooked places straight. I am for you and not against you.

Rise up for this is your season of breakthrough. What was once impossible for you shall now become possible as I unveil My plan before you. You shall walk with renewed vision and hope, and as you praise Me in this season. You are neither forsaken nor forgotten for you are a much needed tool and vessel whom I will implement to further My Kingdom.

You have been prepared in the furnace and heated seven times, and now is your hour of release. You have been tested and tried and your faith has been found to be true, and I am well pleased with you. The road you have traveled has not been easy but through it all you have had the 'walk on water' faith where you stepped out of the boat and have heeded My call to come forward even though the wind and the waves tried to destroy you.

So watch now as I raise you higher and bring you to a higher realm. Your faith has been stretched. Yet you have stood the test. I tell you that for many of you this season is almost over, and you shall go forth rejoicing. Then you shall know that it the Lord alone that has done this work in you. Those who declared that you weren't going to make it shall indeed change their opinion as they see you walking in My Divine Favor. They shall see a total transformation and complete turnaround and all glory and honour shall come to Me.

I am sending you a breakthrough. You shall break through barriers that have kept you from entering into all I have for you. You will reach the other side. The enemy who desired to keep you from My best for you will be defeated. But you must stand united shoulder to shoulder, go forward as a body and the wall will fall, I am sending you a breakthrough. 

There is nothing you will face today that the Lord can't bring you through. Thank God for what you have. Always remember to trust God for what you need.