Dear Brethren, 

If you're going to ask our advice on how you can dramatically improve your health, finances, spiritual life or relationships, our advice will be... Cultivate the habit of positive meditation. 

Here's a quote from Joshua 1:8... 

"Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do 
everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful." 

Meditation of God's word and promises will give you your desired success and abundance. 

However, if there's a "positive" meditation, there's also a "negative" meditation. 

Saying words such as "I'm a loser", "I'll never be rich", "I can't get rid of this addiction", or "I'm a lousy mother", etc. are examples of negative meditation. 

These are the words that you may not be aware that you're telling to yourself repeatedly. 

Here's A Fact! 

Every moment of your life you are either using the positive meditation or the negative meditation. 

A few years back, I was talking to my college buddy about his plans to go into business. He's always dreaming of going 
on his own and have the freedom he always wanted. 

He's asking my opinion on what's the type of business to pursue. In our entire conversation, we came up with some 
good and not so good business ideas. 

But regardless how good the potential of the business is, he always said "What if I'll fail?" or "That's a difficult 
business" or "It's not going to work" 

Up to this moment, he's still employed and still "day dreaming" of going into business. Because every time a 
potential good business idea came up, he kills it with a "negative meditation." 

Sad thing is, this disease is plaguing people's lives and they're not even aware of it because this disease isn't 
something obvious. 

You see, most of the time this negative meditation only runs through your head and you and only you can hear it and fix 
it. Your best friend, spouse, or your Pastor can't hear. Even your family doctor can't diagnose it. 

4 Simple Steps To Develop The Habit Of Positive Meditation 

But now, I'll give actionable steps for you to replace the negative meditation and start cultivating the habit of 
positive meditation. 

1. Write down scriptures or God's promises that pertains to your battle. For example, let's say you're in debt and wanted to get rid of it, you may write: 

"I'm a lender and not a borrower" "My God will supply all my needs" 

2. Post what you wrote on a wall where you can always see it. It can be on your bathroom mirror, prayer room, or home 

3. Every morning and before going to bed recite those phrases with emotion. You really need to feel it and not just say it. 

Remember, it is God's promises to you. Imagine that God is telling you these words personally. 

4. Every opportunity that you can, even if you're shopping, working, driving, or whatever you're doing, recite it and claim it. You don't want to give the enemy a room to give you his negative version. 

But, I'll tell you what: You will never ever experience that true power of this simple act of positive meditation unless you do it and develop it as a habit. 

Remember, God promised that once you meditate His word day and night, you'll be prosperous and successful.