Dear Fellow Believer, 

If we're not mistaken, you're the kind of person who would like to be closer to God and to have a healthy Christian life. Why did we say that? 

All Christians do like to develop a better relationship with God but not all are willing to take the discipline that comes with it.  However, many Christians are confused about the necessity of memorizing scriptures by heart. The truth is most Christians, one way or another did try to memorize some verses. But after a week or so they've forgotten everything that they memorized. Could this be "short-term" memory loss? 

As you might imagine, it's a frustrating scenario to anyone. We believe this is the primary reason why many just ignore scripture memorization. Let us explain it further. 

How do people get rid of a painful scenario? They simply stop doing something that causes them pain. For many people scripture memorization is associated with too much distress and not much delight. As human, we naturally move away from pain and seek out pleasure. 

So our tip for you today is associate scripture memorization to a delightful or pleasurable experience. How do you this? By simply thinking about the results you'll gain of having scriptures in your head and in your heart. 

Here are some of them: 

1. From Joshua 1:8 says that you'll be prosperous. While most people are struggling in their finances, you'll have abundance. While many are seeking jobs, jobs will seek you. 

2. From the same verse, it also says that you'll be successful. This can be success in health, relationships, finances, and many other things. That's right! Simply memorizing and meditating God's word, you can have an ultimate advantage in this world. People will be scratching their heads and wondering why you're so successful. 

3. It's easier to share your faith. Let's face it. Many people already know or at least have an idea of Jesus or Christianity. With it, they likely have questions and doubts in their heads. And if you can answer the questions in their heads with a scripture, that's a powerful reply that can easily win them over. 

Above examples are some of my ideas on how you can associate scripture memorization with pleasure. You can have your own. The point is, you must associate more pleasure than pain in scripture memorization. Once you've done that, then you can now begin using some techniques to make it easier and more enjoyable to memorize.