Dear Friends,

Joshua 1:9 (GNT) Remember that I have commanded you to be determined and confident! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for I, the Lord your God, am with you wherever you go.   

Right now, whether you realize it or not, you have been divinely positioned for the next level in your God-inspired destiny.  We believe that God is already acting on your behalf. He is connecting you to the right people, making your path straight, preparing your heart for a new thing. He has more in store for you! 

God has a better opportunity, a bigger dream, a brighter future awaiting you. He is elevating you to a whole new level. All you have to do is step out and move up. If He provides you the opportunity, He will provide you the help to get you there.

The Scripture says the path of the righteous gets brighter and brighter. 

That means the days ahead of you are better than the days behind you. You are rising to a new level. With God on your side, your future is bright! Change your thinking. God is with you.

Sadly, some people never go higher. They have God-given dreams in their hearts and the promises of God on their side, but they surround themselves with naysayers who choke out the seeds of destiny in their life. It’s easy to listen to critics, or even well-meaning acquaintances, who say, “Don’t get your hopes up,” or “You’ve gone as far as you can go.” But they don’t understand that you’ve been called to go higher. Your path is getting brighter and brighter. Believe it.

Sometimes you have to remove some people from your front row and put them in the balcony of your life. Why? Because some people are dream stealers, and vision killers. They never encourage or lift you up. They will encourage you to keep lying down when they should help to pick you up. You have to be smart and figure out what is right for you. Sometimes you just have to make a change.

If you’ll receive it, your Heavenly Father will take you to a new level in your health, in your finances, in your relationships, in your business, in your career. Get a vision for it. Let that seed take root. Have you begun to perceive it?

You might think, “You must be talking about someone else. My future doesn’t look very bright right now. All I see is trouble in front of me.” No, we’re talking about you.  Yes, you!

We want you to see that your trouble is simply a stepping stone to your next level. We declare by faith that no obstacle will keep you down or hold you back. Instead of holding you back, every challenge is going to propel you to a new level of victory in God. Remember there is no testimony without a test. You cannot be a conqueror without conquering something difficult.

The Most High God is on your side! You can’t lose. Get a vision of going to that next level and refuse to let it go. Sometimes you will have to step out on some people. Even some family members who would rather hold you down, and speak words of discouragement and failure over your life. This is your time. God says so. Step up in faith and receive it.

Here at YRIMI we want you to experience new levels in your life starting today. God created you to soar! You have to perceive it to believe it. Go ahead. You are finally winning; don’t let anyone block your view of the finish line. Push through in faith. PUSH, PUSH!

We love you so much, and we are grateful for friends like you who are helping us bring the message of deliverance and hope to the many hurting people around the world. We are excited as we think about where God is taking you. Increase and favor are on the way!  You are blessed.