Do You Know God?

Hilding Halverson writes: "When my son was a small boy playing with his buddies in the back yard, I overheard them talking one day--and the conversation was, amusingly, one of those 'My dad can whip your dad' routines.

"I heard one boy proudly say, 'My dad knows the mayor of our town!' Then I heard another say, 'That's nothing--my dad knows the governor of our state!" Wondering what was coming next in the 'program of bragging,' I presently heard a wonderfully familiar voice (that of my own little son), saying, 'That's nothing--my dad knows God!"

"I swiftly slipped away from my place of eavesdropping with tears running down my cheeks. I dropped on my knees in my room and prayed earnestly and gratefully, 'Oh, God, I pray that my boy will always be able to say, My dad knows God.'"

Of all the people you may claim to know, I pray that God is one of them. "Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments" (I John 2:3).

Cited on, Alan Smith's Thought for the Day, Feb. 16, 2012