Yesterday is gone. Today is a new day and you should approach it as such. Let go of past experience and be ready and open to receive a new experience of My love, My joy, and My gentleness. I am coming to lift you up and out of the fears and failures of the past, to give you a new perspective on things. I am lifting your thoughts off the negative and opening them to the new. 

Joy comes in the morning, and it is the morning of a new day, so rejoice and sing, for all the failures of your past are being wiped away and I am giving you a new slate. Do not cling to the old, but let it go and step forward into change and joy unspeakable. Step over the threshold of the new day.

In this day, nothing is impossible for your God and nothing is able to dissuade you from believing every word I have spoken regarding the future and destiny I have planned for you. No longer will doubt and unbelief plague you, but only faith in a God who hears and answers the cry of your heart. I am bringing you into the depths of My Sprit, into the fullness of joy, into the fulfillment of every promise made. I am stripping away the old and moving you into the new and you shall function as an overcomer, never again to be overcome.

This is a day of change and great gladness for those who have stood the test and endured hardship on My account. You shall overcome every enemy of the cross. You shall rise above fear, doubt, and unbelief, and they shall have no hold on you. For I am taking you into uncharted waters and into the depths of truth and you will walk as an overcomer in this life. So rise up, My Bride, My faithful warrior, and step across the threshold of this new day in Christ and you shall be radiant.

So rejoice it's a NEW DAY IN CHRIST.  

Remember this, There is nothing you will face today that the Lord can't see you through. 

I pray the peace of Jesus will flood your soul and destroy any fears holding you back, so the vision He has given you will come to pass.

Thank God for what you have, Trust God for what you need.