A Heartfelt Prayer from Proverbs 19 for July 19 

Lord, I decide to walk in integrity today. I don't want to foolishly say dishonest things. I want to be good to my soul, so I seek Your knowledge. Let me understand that haste makes waste.
I choose not to be foolish because it causes me to go down the wrong path. Help me always to be honest and avoid the punishment that comes upon liars.
Today, I want to show that I love my own soul by acquiring wisdom. Help me to understand Your Word and by doing so find what is good.
Assist me in showing good discretion today by being slow to anger and willing to overlook offenses done against me. I want to be a person who can forgive and forget. Is there anyone I need to forgive today, Lord? If there is, help me to forgive them.
Teach me not to be a negative, nagging person. Help me to be positive and sensible. And, Lord, please remove laziness and idleness from my life. I never want to become careless in my ways and invite my own destruction. I want to lead a diligent and productive life, so please help me to keep your commandments today. Thank You for preserving my mind, will, and emotions.
Show me if there is someone I can help today. Open my heart to show pity on the poor. I know that as I do, I will be giving to You. And You even pay back what I have given!
Lord, thank You for the opportunity to correct my children today while there is still hope. Keep me from setting my heart on their destruction. Stop me from becoming angry with them and suffering my own punishment as a result.
I thank You that even though I have many plans in my heart, it is Your direction that stands. It is Your purpose that always prevails. Help me today to receive sound advice and good instruction that makes me wise in life. Deliver me from being a skeptic or a fool. I don't want to suffer the punishment of their critical ways.
Lord, I decide to be kind to everyone I know today and I choose not to mistreat my parents. Open me to receive all of Your counsel and instruction so I will live wisely and well. Let me see that fear of You brings me life and causes me to be satisfied, while keeping me from evil. Help me grow today in Your wisdom and grace.   

- John Mason, from the book, Proverbs Prayers